The classic, S-Walk Touch responds to the touch of the finger.

S-WALK Touch

Built-in speed adjustment dial.

The "pause" function allows you to restart at the set speed


54 Holes

With its premium Lithium-ion cells and LED Fuel gauge, the battery can travel up to 54 holes on steep paths.


Each golf bag can be simply installed and quickly fixed in a very efficient way, guaranteeing an impeccable support.


Light weight

With its 2.5kg Ultra-light carbon frame, the S-walk weighs only 8.9kg when assembled


Minimum space requirement 

En quelques secondes le S-Walk Touch ne fait plus que

In a few seconds the S-Walk becomes only 11 cm thick and can be transported in a small car trunk.

Removable wheels

Each wheel can be removed with a single press and stored separately.


Compatible accessories

Travel case and bags

Balles and Tees

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