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Data Protection and Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data that are sent to your computer when you visit a website. They are usually used to track movements and actions on a site.


Hit the Green respects the private sphere of individuals, it does not collect or manage any

personal data which would not be voluntarily placed at his disposal by the person

concerned. Please inform us if you do not want your data

personal data are recorded.


Hit the Green complies with the personal data protection laws governing

the use and entry of personal data. These data are only used for the

further processing in distribution and product development.


The only information entered and saved automatically during normal use

of the website are usually the protocol data of the web server. These data

do not know your identity or other personal information.

We do not transmit any personal or other data to third parties.

In some cases, we install cookies. These are small files sent by the web server to your internet browser, which register on your local hard drive. We are able to recognize you during future visits to our site. The use of cookies and other similar techniques is also essential for the proper functioning of various processes, services and transactions used in the context of online shopping (virtual shopping cart).


If you want to be systematically informed about the installation of a cookie (warning message) or to prevent the registration of such a file, simply configure your browser accordingly. You can also give up the benefits of personal cookies.

The help function of your browser will tell you what to do. You can also visit which clearly explains how to proceed for many browsers

Be careful though, some services will no longer be available.


The cookies used on our site are:

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