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Hit the Green is the result of a long-term experience in the engineering of high-end sports products.


This experience and his network has brought together all the essential elements for the creation of a high-end and innovative products, certified Swiss Made.

Exceptional know-how in the design and production of technological composite parts (carbon), precision metal alloy precision parts, plastic injection parts and in the field of motion control and mechatronics, has created the first design and smart golf cart, protected by patents.

With this experience and after two years of development and rigorous testing, Hit The Green is proud to launch on the European golf market, the S-Walk, electric golf cart, offering the player its patented system of regulation of automatic speed, modeled on the speed of movement of the golfer.


No need to manipulate buttons or handles, S-Walk will automatically adjust to your pace and allow you to fully focus on your next shot.



Expertise in composite structure: Hit the Green benefits from state-of-the-art expertise in the design and production of structural parts made from carbon fiber composites.


Its engineers have more than 15 years of development in the creation and optimisation of carbon parts for the sports industry, several bikes are being used by Pro Tour professionals.


The design and creation of the molds and tooling for the production of the golf carts are carried out within the company Hit the Green. This allows for complete control throughout the development and production chain. Unique know-how in this sector.


This cutting-edge expertise is also found in the development of electronics and algorithms that offer S-Walk its intelligence and maximum pleasure and freedom to our golf player customers.

Swiss Made

Swiss Made

Handcrafted production in Switzerland guarantees the quality control of each component of the trolley.


The choice of each piece was made with the unique purpose of making the most reliable trolley in the world at a competitive price, therefore development, manufacturing, sales and delivery, have been kept inhouse to offer the best price to the consumer.


A selection of the best resellers has made it possible to loffer passionate golf players top-of-the-range products and unique service.


Our commitment is sustainable, we want to offer the best product at the right price, guarantee unmatched quality and durability.

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